It’s funny, isn’t it: I first set up this blog to be a place where I talked about my writing. These days it’s more of a place where I talk about my photography. What a twisted web we weave.

Two people in the last week have asked me whether I have a photographic portfolio. The first was someone with whom I’m corresponding about a potential project (and to whom I haven’t yet responded, oops), who asked whether they could see a portfolio of my work, and the second was the endlessly enthusiastic Kat Kinnie, who asked me whether I had one on Wednesday night as we were having dinner at Bacon‘s Birthday Bash.

And both times, I thought the person asking the question either a) thought I was something I wasn’t or b) was nuts. I’ll let you assign a and b to the different parties as you see appropriate.

It’s never occurred to me that I should have a portfolio; not once. As far as I’ve been concerned, a portfolio is something that a professional photographer would have, and to my mind I can’t be a professional because:

  1. I don’t get paid for my photography.
  2. I don’t think I’m good enough to get paid.

There was much in the way of repeated assertions that I am a good photographer on Wednesday night from both Kat and Jono, though it was Jono’s "For such a talentless man, you’re quite good at it," that finally won me over.

Anyway, whether or not you think I’m good enough, I now have a portfolio set on Flickr, here. Don’t say you weren’t warned.